quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

Aikewára - Amazon´s Indigenous People: Among tradition and changes

 The material things are not too important to the Indians, they change their homes and even the place that they use to settle down.
The Aikewára Indians used to change the place that they live with the purpose of restructure the land. It is an important model of sustainability used by them. They take from the forest just the enough to their sustain.
About thirty years ago the Aikewára had their last change. It happened because Mussenai, an important leader of this people said them: “we must change the place where we live without looking back”. The older Aikewára use to say that the spirit of Mussenai is still in the old village.
In the same year the Brazilian government built brick houses to the Aikewára. Some questions can be asked: how long they will stay in this place? What is the future of these Indians?
Throughout its history the Indians proved to be a strong people but nowadays they may face their biggest challenge: conciliate the new and the old. The TV and the narratives told around the campfire, the brick house and the house of straw, the medical remedies and those made from herbs taken from the forest.
Perhaps they have the answer. It is a matter of paying attention carefully. Look at the picture again.

Written by Lariza Gouvêa.
              Translated by Raimundo Tocantins.

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